Buy Jackleg Office Cabin Uk

Buy Jackleg Office Cabin Uk

New 20ft Portable Cabin Features
Windows & Doors are in fixed positions
Vinyl floor as standard (carpets can be fitted on request)
Goosewing Grey Exterior
Electric timed panel heaters


Buy Jackleg Cabin for sale in uk by Shipping Containers UK Limited

Elevate your outdoor experience with our innovative Jacket Cabin, meticulously crafted by Shipping Containers UK Limited. Designed to blend rugged durability with contemporary style, this versatile cabin is the ultimate solution for your outdoor shelter needs.

Durability Redefined:

Constructed from high-quality steel shipping containers, the Jacket Cabin boasts unparalleled durability. Engineered to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and strong winds, this cabin is your reliable sanctuary in the great outdoors.

Modular Design:

Our cabin’s modular design offers flexibility like never before. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat in the wilderness or a functional workspace in your backyard, the Jacket Cabin can be customized to suit your specific requirements. With various size options and optional add-ons available, you have the freedom to create the perfect space for your needs.

Effortless Installation:

Say goodbye to lengthy construction processes. The Jacket Cabin is designed for hassle-free installation, allowing you to enjoy your new space in no time. Our team of experts handles every step of the process, from delivery to setup, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Sustainable Solution:

At Shipping Containers UK Limited, we prioritize sustainability. By repurposing steel shipping containers, we minimize waste and reduce our environmental footprint. Choose the Jacket Cabin and join us in our commitment to a greener future.

Endless Possibilities:

From backyard offices and guest accommodations to remote cabins and glamping retreats, the Jacket Cabin offers endless possibilities. Let your imagination run wild and transform your outdoor space into something extraordinary with our versatile cabin solution.

Experience the Difference:

Discover the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and style with the Jacket Cabin by Shipping Containers UK Limited. Elevate your outdoor lifestyle today and create memories that last a lifetime.

Product Specifications

External Length (m) 6.1
External Width (m) 3.05
External Width excluding Jacks (m) 3.05
External Width including Jacks (m) 3.18
External Height (m) 2.75
Internal Length (m) 5.9
Internal Width (m) 2.85
Internal Height (m) 2.3
Door Width (m) 0.8
Door Height (m) 1.99
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